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About Us

Sterling Wills Ltd (originally known as Wills Express Ltd) was formed in in 2004 by Managing Director Ronald Bateman. Trevor Hawkins joined the Company in 2006 and became a director in 2012 with responsibility for Business Development and Training. Our team includes Victoria Milsom & Dean Burnage. Originally based in Watford, we now have the first retail will shop in the country, based in Dunstable High Street, Bedfordshire.

In our ten-year history, we’ve produced over 8,000 Wills and we’re currently drafting about 1,200 Wills a year.

As members of the Society of Will Writers, we work to the highest ethical and professional standards, with customer service at the heart of everything we do – a must for any business that intends to be around for many years to come.

Sterling Wills Ltd is a specialist will writing company; we are not solicitors, so there are aspects of legal services we can’t handle. However, we’ve partnered with a local firm of solicitors to whom we’re happy to refer our clients in such cases, a firm whose expertise and efficiency, combined with competitive fees, we can vouch for. They store our clients’ wills in their secure vaults and we recommend them to our clients for probate work.

We’ve also built up a network of experts in other fields – financial advisers, mortgage brokers, accountants and pension specialists – so if it’s something we can do for you (please see the 'OUR SERVICES' page for a complete list) you can be sure of a first-class job; and if we can’t fulfil some of your other legal or financial requirements, we know a man (or woman) who can!